Understanding households’ journeys by way of early-years suppliers in Cardiff

We want to understand further about how, when and why utterly totally different households with youthful children interact with utterly totally different suppliers. We’re notably all for understanding the journeys of households who’ve entry to the Flying Start programme in Wales. This programme comprises further effectively being buyer appointments, extra parenting and speech, language and communication help, along with funded part-time childcare for teenagers aged two. We’re all for the way households interact with utterly totally different suppliers all through the Flying Start programme – and totally different native early-years suppliers – and in understanding what we’re in a position to examine in regards to the distinction this makes to children’s developmental outcomes. We’ve developed this mission in collaboration with the Cardiff Early Help workforce and are working in partnership with utterly totally different teams and suppliers all through the native authority to plan and ship the mission.

Affect goal

If we’re in a position to understand households’ journeys by way of Flying Start suppliers – drawing on info along with households’ private lived experience – then we will decide key moments that may be utilized to increase engagement. If we knew further about why some households do interact with suppliers and which suppliers make the most of distinction, then we could further efficiently plan and design suppliers to optimise engagement with these households and to achieve those who do not presently interact.

Why are we doing this?

Everyone knows that taking part with native early-years suppliers may make an precise distinction to children and households. Nevertheless everyone knows a lot much less in regards to the journeys that utterly totally different households make by way of utterly totally different early-years suppliers and the best way engagement with utterly totally different suppliers at utterly totally different events could affect children’s outcomes. Are there key moments when intervention and help may make an precise distinction?

Are there events when some mom and father and carers are notably open to help from suppliers – or when that feels a lot much less useful to them?

What facilitates engagement with help and what creates boundaries for numerous households? By understanding further about how, when and why mom and father and carers interact with utterly totally different suppliers and help, we hope to have the power to find out strategies of every rising engagement and designing suppliers to increase impression for households with youthful children.

What are we doing?

It’s a fast mission by way of which we intention to larger understand options for innovation and collaboration with the Cardiff early-years teams. We’re taking two distinct nonetheless complementary approaches to help us decide strategies of upper understanding family journeys by way of early-years suppliers. This methodology attracts on Nesta’s expertise in every info analytics and lived experience evaluation.

Exploring early years info

This could consider a collaborative info audit with key staff who use info to help early-years work in Cardiff. We’ll moreover look significantly at two key datasets linked to the Parenting and Flying Start suppliers to see if we’re in a position to decide useful evaluation questions that will help us larger understand households’ journeys by way of suppliers.

Evaluation with households